Bios Cultural Organization was founded in 2001 and has been active in the field of modern cultural production ever since, focusing on the expression of young people, changes in art and technology today, and the shaping of the urban environment.
Its action extends in three places, in the building of Pireos 84 Str., Romantso on Anaxagora Street in the center of Athens and Latraac on Leonidou Street in Kerameikos.
With its main goal being promoting contemporary arts, their relationship with new media and technology, but also the interconnection of different artistic fields, BIOS organization, in the last almost twenty years has curated and created a huge variety of events such as concerts, theatrical performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops and educational programs, as well as a variety of festivals and creative platforms.
The success of its events, from the very first year of BIOS organization's operation, has shown that there is a large audience interested in a different approach to modern cultural scene. Twenty years later, and through its cultural activity in different artistic fields, BIOS cultural organization is a body that highlights the pioneering artistic creation in Athens.
BIOS Cultural Organization acquired its first permanent base in 2002, when it was installed in the protected, historic, industrial building at 84 Piraeus Street.
At that time, the axis of Pireos Street was still neglected, mostly factories along its entire length, mainly serving Athens as the center's main road axis to Piraeus. The unique and fragmentary cultural functions of the road were the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi and the Factory of the Fine Arts School in Tavros.
The establishment of the Organization in the Perdios Factories contributed not only to the rapid development of the wider area of ​​Kerameikos, but also to the beginning of the transformation of Pireos Street into one of the pre-eminent cultural axes of Athens. A decade later, Pireos is hosting cultural venues such as the Benaki Museum, the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, the School of Actress Irene Papa, the Athens Festival space Piraeus 260, and many smaller theaters of private initiative.
In the last almost twenty years of its operation, BIOS.Piraeus84 has hosted thousands of events ranging from theatrical performances, concerts, festivals of all kinds, screenings, film tributes, seminars, educational programs for all ages, exhibitions and symposia, defining it as a meeting point in the city and having been characterized by people but also by institutional bodies as "the innovative space of Athens that for the last years has consistently influenced the artistic life of the city".
What started off as an idea of two friends in a room, in front of a computer screen, is today an organization that continuously explores and promotes urban culture.
BIOS cultural organization was founded in 2001, introducing then the first audiovisual festival that emphasized in electronic music to the Greek audience, BIOS01. Two festivals later and being in need of a permanent basis for its programming, BIOS settled in Peiraios 84 building, creating a brand new form of venue for Athenian standards and presenting events that introduced urban culture to the wider public.

Aiming to promote modern art and its involvement with new media and technology but also trying to highlight the interaction between artistic fields, BIOS, within the last 13 years has presented and curated an impressive amount of events including concerts, theatre performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, educational programs, festivals and creative platforms.
BIOS’s building is established as a meeting point within the city and is characterized by the public and important institutions as "An innovative venue in Athens that during the last ten years continuously forms the city’s artistic life."

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