Fri 20 Nov 2020 - Mon 07 Dec 2020

Creative FLIP | P2P Exchange: Romantso visits Lottozero


Romantso participated in Creative FLIP's project P2P Exchange programme between creatives hubs, co-funded by the European union, led by the Goethe-Institut and partnered up by European Creative Hubs Network.

We teamed up with Lottozero laboratories, a textile related hub in Prato, Italy, the mecca of textiles and textile design. Romantso's community member, Alexandra Bissa, and Lottozero's community member, Cristina Mariani, both expert weavers and textile designers, closely collaborated for this project.

The goal of the project was to exchange knowledge on techniques, blend our weaving related roots, but also share information about our operation methods within our hubs, as well as engage the wider weaving community outside of them.

Since Covid-19 did not allow a physical exchange, we had to shift the route of our original plan, but still try to keep the anticipated results close to home, even if weaving by its nature is such a practical form of art.

Engaging the weaving community became a priority, calling everyone to participate and follow us along the journey. A physical travel turned into a virtual one, with Cristina and Alexandra exchanging information, insights and images from their cities, as a source of inspiration to go on and create color palettes and two weaved pieces, celebrating each others' cities. 

A special call was made addressed to the weaving community, prompting them to participate by following Alexandra's and Cristina's steps and create their own woven pieces or even other pieces of art forms. That was a key element of this successful exchange, since it resulted in the ultimate ambition, of strengthening the bond of our community.

You can re-visit our exchange's journey through our social media platforms, both Instagram and Facebook.